Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good Touch vs Bad Touch: The Communication Skill That Is Sometimes Overlooked

This is a subject that although makes me nervous to think about especially happening to my own child, It makes me even more nervous no to teach my children how to keep their bodies safe. 

How do you do it? 

Its way awkward when you think of having "the talk" with young teens. But a child under the age of 5? How do you even start, so that it doesn't go over their head but also your not terrifying them of the world you want them to explore. 

An article published on KSL titled "A child-friendly way for parents to teach good vs bad touching" talked about a way to approach a child under the age of 5. 

Books are a great way for children to learn, espcially about emiltions. Combine that with coloring and it gives the child an opportunity to learn at their level and also one that gives the parent a way to approach a child in a non-terrifying way. 

Ana Perez a clincal social worker from the Family Support and Treament Center in Taylorsville suggests  parents with younger children (5 and under), utilize a coloring book called "Good Touch Bad Touch,” which is available on the Channing Bete Company's website.

The coloring book walks you and your child through the steps of what to do, what to say and who to tell if they are put in an uncomfortable situation. “It’s important for kids to know police officers are their friends.” 
Perez said. It’s never too early to start the conversation.
“It can be a very intimidating conversation for some, but it is important that their children are and that they start building their communication with their children at a young age.”
Its a precious gift when we gain the trust of the tiniest persons in this world and it is our job as adults to not only be aware of our surroundings but help teach our children this communication skill. 

How do I find a Good Touch/Bad Touch program?
The Family Support and Treatment Center in Cache County offers the Good-Touch/Bad-Touch nationally acclaimed body safety program. 

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What are ways that you as a parent/caregiver helped a young child start the conversation ? 

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