Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Love for Our Mothers

As we're looking forward to Mother's Day this Sunday, its caused me to reflect on my mom and all she has done for me.

I can't imagine where I'd be today if it wasn't for my mom. She is my greatest leader, friend, and teacher. Because of her I learned confidence, a strong work ethic, respect, perseverance, and--honestly--the list could go on and on. With her as my cheerleader, I have been able to follow my dreams. By profession, my mom was a teacher, so it's not surprising that she has taught me to love learning. I can't even guess how many hours we have spent over the years just sitting together, both lost in our own books.

My mom taught me about love by showing love to others and myself. From her, I learned that it doesn't take huge acts of kindness and care to show that you love someone. Many times it is the small deeds that are done that really add up: the way she quietly dropped dinner off at the neighbors when she knew they were sick; how she tried her best to make it to all her children's events as they grew up; how she worked tirelessly at her full-time job and spent the weekends doing yard work, cleaning, shopping, balancing finances, and spending time with us, her kids. I saw these things and love you for it! It is because of your example, I am the person I am today. So, thank you to my mom.

But it doesn't stop there. To all moms: each of you are SO important. You are the first and most important teacher your children will have. They will learn from you and want to be the best of your example. Help them to be the people you want them to be when they are grown. Don't feel that you have to do big and grand things for them to remember you by. Simply love your children. Spend time with your children. Get down on the floor and play, take a walk, go to the park, listen to them. Your children will love you for the time you spent with them.

So moms remember this Mother's Day (and always): YOU ARE LOVED!  As children, we may not always say it or show it, but we truly love and appreciate you. For this and more, I want to wish you all a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

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