Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Toddler Safety: Spot the Tot Campaign

Spring time is here and summer is right around the corner! Of course we want to be outside, even more so when we have a toddler. We want them to explore and feel the sun and enjoy the nature that is out there to explore.

Recently in the news, and also as a sad statistic, every year for the past ten years, more than 60 Utah children were killed, more than 500 were injured by accidental back overs, and every 6 days a Utah child is run over in a driveway or parking lot. This is definitely something that needs to be discussed, and this post is dedicated to promote awareness of how to prevent such a tragedy.

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  • Before driving, check the street, driveway, and area around your vehicle 
  • Drivers of SUV and trucks should be extra careful 
  • Teach and help your children learn not to play in, under, or around vehicles 
  • Supervise children when a driver is leaving the home
  • Adjust driver's seat as high as needed to see clearly out the rear window
  • Roll down windows to hear children 
  • Adjust side and rear mirrors to reduce blind spots
Risk Factors
  • Children under age 5 
  • High profile vehicles, i.e. SUV's, vans and trucks
  • Rushed or distracted driving
  • Vehicles traveling in reverse 

Visit Primary Children's page to watch a 30 sec Spot the Tot video , and download a Spot the Tot visual reminder to display in your home, garage, anywhere that will help remind you. Spread the message to your friends, family, neighbors, and everyone! 

Help us keep our little ones safe, so they can enjoy the many wonders this world has to offer! 

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