Monday, April 13, 2015

Fingerpaint Challenge to Celebrate Our Youngest Learners!

Remember the ice bucket challenge? You know, the one where you get ice cold water dumped on you and then you challenge others to participate? Well, get out your fingerpaints and get ready for this next challenge! It’s the “Fingerpaint with a Child” challenge issued by Utah’s higher education institutions.

The challenge is designed to celebrate our youngest learners by letting them participate in playful and creative fingerpainting activities. We’re committing to ensure that every child in Utah experiences the type of  learning environment--at home, at child care, at school, and in the community--that will promote their early learning.

Let’s help the challenge go viral. Their goal is to have 25,000 leaders and citizens in Utah participate. Pull out some fingerpaints or make your own before April 19th. After you complete the challenge, make sure to challenge your family and friends. Share your videos at, on Twitter @uaeyc with #WOYCUTAH or #fingerpaintUT.

I accepted the challenge with these cute kiddos. We made our own fingerpaint using this great tutorial here.

Consider yourself challenged! Let us know how it went!

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