Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Apps for All Your Mothering Needs

It's an age of technology. I am convinced that my 4 year old nephew knows how to work an iPhone or iPad, better than I do. Not surprisingly, there seems to be an app for everything! I made it my personal mission to find some of the best apps that would be most useful for parents and children.

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For babies:
1. White Noise Baby: This app plays looped sounds, such as a car ride, to help your baby relax, stop crying, and sleep better.
2. Best Baby Monitor: With this app, you can use any two devices to create a baby monitor. It will allow you to hear every noise, see live video, or pictures, and uses an alarm to let you know when baby is awake. It also allows you to soothe your child remotely through the "Parent Station".

For Toddlers and Growing Kids:
1.  Huggies Pull-Ups Big Kid app: The ultimate potty training app! Your child can unlock fun games featuring their favorite Disney characters as they collect stars for their progress. It also includes a customizable potty timer, and articles to help mom and dad understand the ins and outs of potty training. For more info about this app, go here.
2. PBS Parents Play and Learn: Play is a child's work. As they play, they learn and grow. This app has over a dozen games that mom and dad can play with their little one whether it be at the grocery store, doctor's office, or at home.

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For Mamas (or Dads!):
7. Intuition+: Mom's Personal Assistant: This app is ideal for the super busy mom who can't keep her head on straight. It allows you to have color coded lists for each child, plus a grocery list, to-do list and calendar.
8. Parenting Ages and Stages: Your parenting guide for child development and parenting milestones for newborn to school-age children.
9. Parenting Reminder- A day, a tip: Sends daily tips to help support your infant and toddlers development.
10. LoveYouDo: Parenting Tips: Sends daily tips on how to have a special moment and strengthen your relationship with your child, every day.

For a list of even more apps for infants, toddlers, and kids check out the Parents website. What other apps have you found useful as a parent? Comment below!

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