Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why I Love the ASQ!

One of my favorite FREE Help Me Grow services is receiving the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ), a tool you can use to track your child’s development! The ASQ is available from birth until age five and a half. Here are some of my reasons why I love the ASQ!
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 1.      Let’s talk kindergarten readiness. Did you know that families who complete an ASQ at least once per year are more likely to have a child who thrives in kindergarten? Less than 50% of children with delays have had them addressed before kindergarten. And keep in mind that some delays are visible or readily apparent, while some are less so. The ASQ can help identify both. That alone makes the ASQ worth taking…and worth taking more than once.

2.      The ASQ is a friendly questionnaire that helps you identify & celebrate your child’s strengths. Your child is unique, and lucky for you, the ASQ will help identify your child’s strengths. Completing the ASQ should be fun. Remember to celebrate your child’s success no matter how big or small it may be.

3.      On the flip-side, the ASQ may ask a question that you just hadn’t thought of trying with your child. These types of questions prompt you to try something new with your child! Ask your care coordinator to send you supplemental developmental activities to continue to strengthen your child’s development.

4.      But honestly my favorite part… the ASQ pinpoints areas you can discuss with your doctor. I don’t know about you, but I HATE going to the doctor and being sent on my way a few minutes later without having time to formulate questions I would like to ask.

5.      Baby journaling. Alright for those of you who are big journal writers, you can put a copy of the ASQ in your baby’s journal to highlight developmental milestones. Admit it, we’ve all looked back on the baby books our parents did for us and oohed and aahed at the milestones our parents recorded for us… or worse, the empty blanks our busy parents never recorded. Add the ASQ into the journal as a supplement or go ahead and just add the ASQ in there and call it good.

6.      The ASQ is an evidence-based tool. For the nerd in me, this is important to me for valid results. A ton of research and testing went into the ASQ. The ASQ asks questions that are sensitive enough to pick up on developmental issues that your child may need more support with.

The ASQ is a great tool to monitor your child’s development. It highlights your child’s strengths and can also identify areas of concern. If you do have any concerns, Help Me Grow can send you information, answer tough parenting questions, and help you connect with local community resources. 

Are you ready to try one out? Click HERE to complete the ASQ online now, or click HERE to receive one by mail! 

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