Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Birds, One Stone

Today at our South Franklin Community Center Playgroup, we did the best little craft activity. This activity is awesome for five reasons. 

1. It takes time and attention. Your little ones will love playing with the cereal, placing the pieces on the glue and coming up with different patterns. 

2. ummm... Snack time and a craft all in one? You just can't go wrong.

3. This is an awesome opportunity to learn COLORS! 

4. It will help develop your child's fine motor skills. Challenge the kids to stay inside the lines. 

5. Who doesn't have all these supplies on hand. It is easy and cheap! So grab your glue, a printed design, any colorful cereal and get crafting! 

Whether it comes out looking like this......

or this.....

Its a win! Happy Friday! 

PS. This playgroup meets every Friday at 11 am. The first half hour we do free time playing with toys, then an activity, snack and a craft. All are welcome! The address is 770 South 700 West Provo Utah. 

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