Tuesday, April 1, 2014

6 Games to Get Your Child Moving!

This one goes out to all the parents out there who have ever looked at their child and wondered how can they have so much energy?? 

Children need to run, jump, play, and be active! Physical activity is crucial in promoting healthy habits that can last a lifetime. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it helps children develop stronger muscle and bone density, and promotes lung and hearth fitness! Participating in just 20-30 minutes a day can even boost brain function in your child, pretty awesome right?

With that in mind, listed here some rockin ideas to help release some of that pent up energy and get your kids MOVING!

1. Wacky Waiter
Now here is some really FAST food! Grab a large plastic dinner place and a ping-pong ball for each team, and voila! To play you need a starting line, a designated turnaround point, and two teams with at least two players on each team. While holding the plate "waiter style", the first runner on each team places a ping pong ball on their plate. The player carries it to the turnaround point and back to tag the next teammate, and so on. If they drop the ball, pick it up and keep going. The first team to go through all their players first wins! 

2. Foot Volleyball
Forget they gymnasium, all you need for this awesome indoor activity is some yarn or string and a balloon! This activity is perfect for those days when the weather is less that ideal. For instructions on how to play, click here.

3. Hose Head
Okay, so I'm getting a workout just laughing at the thought of this! Use some old tights for an interesting take on keep-away, you'll need some old control-top hose or tights, a sponge ball or rolled-up sock, and at least two players. Hey, maybe mom can even get in on the fun! Learn how to play here.

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4. Shoe Pile Scramble 
This one is so easy! All you need? The shoes on their feet! Have the kids remove their shoes, and place them in a pile. Scramble them up to make it more exciting, then line up the players at the starting line a short distance away. The objective is this: put on your shoes, and make it back to the finish line, fast! Blow the whistle, and see who wins!

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5. Mom (or Dad) Calling
Speaking of getting parents in on the fun! This is an excellent way to stay active with your children, while getting a little social time in with the neighbors too! Here's how to play: Mothers (or dads!) line up side by side, blindfolded. Across the way, have your kids lined up side by side as well. At the "Go" the kids start calling out your name. The mom or dad who can find their child first, wins!
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6. Stepping Stones 
Finally, you can put a use to those old T-shirts! This is so simple, and a great way to spark their imagination. Each player get's two "stepping stones" (old t-shirts, towels, etc.) and you must cross a pretend stream, personally I prefer a  river of lava. No touching the grass! Stand on one stone, then place the second one ahead and jump onto that stone. Reach back to retrieve the first stone, place it farther ahead, and so on. The first to reach the other side unscathed wins!

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Get creative, be active, and have fun! Post below if you have addition awesome ideas!  

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