Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welcome Baby Provo Playgroup: Valentine's Day

 As children are growing up and learning about the world around them, they need a variety of experiences in order to grow in the right ways. Research has actually shown that one of the key ways to strengthen your child’s social and emotional skills is by taking them to a community playgroup where they can interact with other children. (Citation)

Welcome Baby currently has a playgroup at the South Franklin Community Center in Provo that is open to children under five and their parents on Fridays at 11 am.

For our playgroup on Valentine’s Day, we started out the day with free-play where we played with blocks, cars, and other fun toys together. Then we moved on to making Valentine’s Day cards by tracing our hands. See how cute they turned out? This activity helped develop fine motor skills as the children color.  This activity can be used for any special occasion to share with a special someone.  Click on the link below to learn how to make your own.

 When all hands were traced, it was time to read “The Kiss Box” for story time. All the children gathered on a rug as they were read to, enhancing their cognitive development.
Then it was time for everyone’s favorite part of the day: snack time! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we made mini heart-shaped pizzas and ate oranges too.  

Check out how much fun we all had during playgroup and look below for a general schedule of what you can typically expect each Friday as we play! We hope you will join in all the fun and come to Provo playgroup! To join, visit the Welcome Baby website at or call us at 801-691-5320.

Playgroup Schedule:
11:00-11:20   Play time
11:20-11:25   Clean up
11:25- 11:45   Story time/ singing/ finger plays
11:45-12:00    Arts/ crafts
12:00- 12:15   Snack time
12:15-12:30    Large motor/games Clean up 

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