Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Feeding Your Baby Solids

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You're holding your baby on your lap giving her a bottle when someone brings you a plate of food. Its not long before she is eyeing your delicious lunch and reaching for it, letting her bottle drop to the ground. She is curious about the different colors and textures on your plate and she wants to taste it. The bottle no longer interest's her.

Could it be that she is ready for solid foods? It's possible. Here are some milestones from that indicate your baby is ready and able to start eating a little more like mom.
  1. Holding her head up high - Typically its not until around 3 or 4 months of age that an infant is able to hold their head up consistently for longer periods of time
  2. Sitting Pretty - This milestone starts around 6 months of age. A baby learning to sit on their own may be a bit wobbly at first. Fortunately many high chairs come with features for those babies who need some additional support sitting up. Click here for high chair safety tips.   
  3. Big Enough to Take it - Generally a baby is big enough for solids when they are double their birth weight and at least 13 lbs.  
  4. Open Wide - Babies that are ready for food tend to show more interest in it. They watch food eagerly and open their mouths up in anticipation when some is headed their way
Still unsure is she is ready? Try taking this Solid Foods Quiz!Once you determine its time for big people food its helpful to know what to to feed her first. Here is a month by month guide to introducing solids to your little one.

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