Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We are the champions, my friends! Janae Moss wins $16,000 social media competition!

Our Parent Champion, Janae Moss, was in a recent Utah Business Magazine competition and won $16,000 for Help Me Grow! Here is a short post, written by her. Thank you for all your support and votes!

Help Me Grow Utah

Recently I was nominated, and selected by Utah Business Magazine, for "30 Women to Watch" in the May edition.  It was an honor, and such a surprise.  In conjunction with this award, they held a social media contest where each of the 30 women had the chance to win $1,000 cash, and a $15,000 ad campaign for the charity of their choice, by getting the most votes.  Of course, I chose Help Me Grow for my charity - as we have needed funding and support in the state of Utah for several years now.  

I am happy to say, that after two weeks of campaigning and begging for votes, I won.  Not only did I win, WE won over 800 votes above the next contestant closest to me.  I attribute this to that fact that Help Me Grow, and United Way of Utah county is relationship based.  Everyone that supports me in my businesses, non-profit work, and friends on Facebook, want to see this program expand.  

I am really excited about the cash and ad campaign, but more importantly, about the awareness that this award will generate.  I could not have done it alone, but together with so many amazing people seeing the vision, we have done something great!  

Thanks for voting, and have a great day!

Janae Moss

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