Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4th Annual Help Me Grow Forum! Hosted by us!

And thus it begins....the 4th Annual Help Me Grow Forum! Help Me Grow Utah became an affiliate of the national Help Me Grow Network back in 2010. We've attended each forum since they began and this year are pleased to host all the affiliates who are traveling from 18 different states to attend. 

What is Help Me Grow you ask? And why do I even care? 

Good question. 

To help answer that question, proceed to the following infographic to understand what Help Me Grow is and how to connect. We've seen some amazing impact as we've been working with families over the last few years. So if YOU know of any family, family health care provider or organization that would like to learn more about this amazing program and how we can connect them to resources, visit our website!

And check out our blog over the next few days to read about our experience in the forum, authored by our one and only Janae Moss, parent champion and blogger extraordinaire. 

Thank you to all the affiliates who are coming! We look forward to an amazing forum!

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