Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter is Coming!

Here's a highlight of a few fun finger crafts you can do with your little ones to promote their creativity skills and fine motor development!

After decorating hard boiled eggs, do you wonder what you are going to do with the colorful shells?
Here's a solution:  Smash 'em and turn 'em into art!!

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All you need:
colored smashed egg shells
heavy card-stock paper
a tray to catch the extra pieces

Draw fun Easter designs with your kids, then follow your designs with glue, and sprinkle the smashed egg shells along the glue. Shake off the extra shells onto the tray, and use for another drawing!

Here's the link: Easter Egg Shell Art

Help your kids us their imaginations and turn those tiny hands into Bunny Rabbits! Great decoration for your fridge!

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All you need:
Paint Brush
Colored paper
And Tiny Hands to decorate!!

Check out this link for some other Easy Easter Handprint Crafts 

Here's a great way to reuse those mini plastic eggs:
Make some music!  Here is the link for how-to: Plastic Eggs Sound Shakers

egg sound shaker easter activity for kids
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 Check out Pinterest for more ideas!

 Tell us what Easter activities your kids enjoy...

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