Monday, November 12, 2012

Let it Snow!

If you're here in Utah, you're well aware I'm sure of all the snow we got over the weekend! If you're like me, getting snow means staying inside and only venturing outside when completely necessary. But, as parents, you may go crazy trying to keep your kids entertained inside all winter so why not take advantage of the changing seasons to enhance your child's development?! Your kids may be really experiencing winter for the first time or as they grow they can understand it in a different way! So bundle up and head outdoors!

Build a Snowman: By using their little muscles to build a snowman they are working on their gross motor skills! Plus they can do some problem solving to figure out what would make the perfect nose on that face.

Make a Snow Angel: They can also work on their gross motor skills by plopping down in the snow to make angels, get those muscles moving!

Taking a Walk: By simply taking a walk around in the snow your child can be visually stimulated by how different the world is when there's snow! Talk to your kids about what they see and get them talking about everything they're experiencing.

Sledding: Not only is sledding completely exhilarating, it's another way to get moving!

Coloring Snow: Fill a squirt bottle with some colored water (just use food coloring) and let them go to work decorating the snow! Just as coloring with crayons gets the creativity flowing, imagine how much fun it is in the snow!
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Be creative! Get your kids out and about in the snow so they can experience the world around them and learn from it! Just remember to stay warm and play safe.Of course you can't always be outside, so bring winter inside!
Snowflakes: Make snowflakes by cutting shapes out of white paper and decorating! Using little scissors will get your child's fine motor skills working! You can even take it a step further by using glitter or coloring your snowflakes!

Build a Fort: Use blankets, chairs and pillows to make a great fort to watch the snow fall outside. That way you can be cozy and warm to watch the world change outside. Talk about what's going on!

Bake: When it's cold outside, warm treats are always especially great! Have your kids help you or watch you bake, having them involved will help them to get their brains working! Plus you get to enjoy a yummy treat!
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There are many more ways that you can take advantage of the changing seasons, find ways that are fun for your family and use it as a learning tool to help your kids to continue to grow! Just remember to stay warm!

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  1. Ive some other bloggers post pics of all the snow Utah got and I can't believe it! Where I live it was just 18 (C) the other day which is weird for Canada!