Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Toddler Tip: Tantrums

Tantrums. Ugh.

Every toddler has had at least a couple big tantrums in their life--and most probably a lot more! Parents should not worry when they see their child throwing a fit, it simply means that their little brain is growing and maturing! Infants function at a lower brain level (the brain stem), but toddlerhood marks the time that a child's brain moves to the area that controls emotions. You will notice their roller coaster of emotions as they learn how to use--and control--this part of the brain.

The best way you can help your child gain self-control is to remain calm and patient yourself; do not overreact to their tantrums. You should also let your toddler know that you understand what they are saying and how they are feeling: "You are mad because you want to go outside, but we are going to play inside until it stops raining." Also, show them alternative ways to let out steam, and remember that harsh punishment is not the answer to a developing toddler.

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