Friday, April 20, 2012


As a child, I loved listening to music with my siblings. We used to sing along to the Back Street Boys, N-Sync, and Brittany Spears.  Making up dances to the music was always one of our favorite past times in the house. Music is more powerful than many of us may assume. It can change moods, create bonds between listeners, and build self-esteem. My mother enjoyed playing music in the house, but always made sure that we were listening to appropriate music.
A lot of research has been done on the effect of music on children. Music helps children learn words in an entertaining way. The research shows that children who are introduced to music early have increased intellectual, fine and gross motor, language, social, and emotional development. The best part is that children are having fun while learning so much! 
Music will be introduced to your child in many ways because music is a part of every society. My mom introduced music to us in multiple ways. She would sing to us and with us. We would go around the house and create music by stomping on tile, hitting pots and pans, filling up cups of water with different amounts and hitting them with a spoon, and so many other ways! Be creative! My dad loved the Beatles and other “oldies” so we always listened to them and danced. Some of my favorite moves were the sprinkler, lawnmower, and twist. If you play an instrument, let your children listen to you. I enjoyed sitting on the piano bench with my mom as she played, and at church when she played organ. My best friend, Renae, and I used to make dances to our favorite songs and perform them for our families. Another fun way to enjoy music is making up your own lyrics to a good beat. 
Music not only will help with your child’s development, but can also build wonderful bonds and create wonderful memories! Some of my fondest memories were dancing with my dad on Friday nights to a jute box at Happy Days, a local restaurant. I will cherish these moments for the rest of my life. Music is a powerful influence in our society and our lives. You can make it a positive influence in your child’s life by just letting loose and having fun!  

What are some of your children’s favorite songs?

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