Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A fun milestone for parents is when they see a little tooth starting to poke through in their child's mouth! Most babies begin to get their primary teeth after the age of four months, usually at six to nine months. Did you know that the timing of teeth is genetic? I had no idea! I am definitely going to ask my parents when I got my first tooth!

As these teeth begin to poke through a young babies gum's, they often become irritable and more fussy. Here are some tips to help determine if your child is teething:
-  if you press on his lower gums in front, he will cry out
-  lots of drooling and chewing on things
-  gums are swelling and sensitive
- eating and sleeping problems

It can be heart wrenching to see your child suffering, but not knowing how to help them. If your child is teething and uncomfortable, try using a clean finger or cold teething ring to gently rub against gums for about 2 minutes at a time. You can also give your child mild pain relief medicine that is labeled specific for your child's age. The pain and discomfort in your child's mouth will ease as those teeth make the initial break through.

What are some other tips you have used to help your infant's with teething?

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