Wednesday, March 28, 2012

National Geographic Kids Website

Do you and your children love animals? I have always absolutely loved animals! My mother used to order the National Geographic for me each month so I could read more about animals and go on adventures through their worlds. Now, you do not need to order the magazine, National Geographic has online games, articles, photos, recipes, and so much more! This is fun and educational for your children!

The National Geographic has an area for children where they can watch videos of animals in their natural habitats, read facts about their favorite animals, browse through photos of animals, and learn about countries all over the world. They also have an area called “fun stuff” which has jokes, cartoons, crafts, and recipes you can look at to have fun with your child! Check it out at:

This is a lynx- my favorite animal growing up!
For little kids, National Geographic has videos, pictures, and facts on animals geared towards younger children. Toot and Puddle and Mama Maribelle videos are posted with games and learning goals for kids from the shows that parents can read and emphasize. My favorite is the Explorer Magazine. A voice reads the words of the magazine while each word is highlighted! They also have a guide of how to teach it! They have this and so much more! Check out:
While technology offers wonderful opportunities such as this, be careful on the screen time your child has each day. The American Association of Pediatrics suggests that you only allow your child to have one to two hours of screen time a day which includes television, computer, phone, iPad, etc. Children learn better through face to face interaction. If you would like to read more about this check out:
Knowing that, you can let your kids play games for a bit, but you could use the information from the articles to teach your kids face to face about the animals you and your kids love and use the crafts page to come up with fun ideas to go along with the lesson! 

What is your favorite part of the National Geographic?

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