Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Entertaining Kids on a Airplane

 For many school districts, Spring Break is only a few weeks away! Many families are planning their trips to visit family, tour national sites, or just escape the routines of everyday life. For some families with multiple children, planning and preparing for the trip can be quite the job! Traveling on a plane with young ones can be an adventure in and of itself. They are confined to a small space, can't make a lot of noise, and are surrounded by strangers. That does not sound like the ideal situation for young children to me. 

Here are some tips to help pass the time for your kids as you are flying:

- Give your child a mini Koosh Ball to play with
- Retell a fairy-tale story with finger puppets
- Play dress-up with a small bag of old necklaces, bracelets, scarves, and sunglasses
- Pop a favorite (or even better, new) DVD into your portable DVD player
- Play who's-that-relative with photos of Grandma, Grandpa and other family members inside contact paper or plastic sleeves
- String Cheerios on dental floss: a necklace you can eat after you make it
- Make mazes and spell names with a Travel Magna Doodle
- Co-author a book: write down your child's dictated story on a pre-stapled stack of paper, and ask him to draw the illustrations
You can be creative with things you have around your house. You just have to remember to think about it ahead of time. 
What other things have you done to entertain your kids while traveling? 

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