Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best Food for Babies


Getting a child at any age to eat can be a challenge. Young infants who are just learning to eat can be especially difficult. They are experiencing lots of new tastes and textures. The other night, I watched my sister-in-law feed my nephew some carrots and the poor boy could not handle it. Even after switching to some food he did like, it took him a while to recognize the better taste. 
Here is a list of the ten best foods for babies that have lots of essential nutrients:
~  Squash: excellent source of Vitamin A and C, naturally sweet, pleasing texture
~  Lentils: lots of protein and fiber
~  Dark green leafy vegetables: high amounts of iron and folate, spinach may be the best
~  Broccoli: so much folate, fiber, and calcium

                  ~  Blueberries: good for your baby's eyes, brain, and urinary tract
       ~  Avocados: rich source of unsaturated fats, good for brain development
~  Meat: not a typical idea for baby food, so wait until your child is older, lots of zinc and iron
   ~  Prunes: fiber to help reduce constipation
~  Garbanzo beans: rich in protein and fiber, there are lots of variations to these beans too
~  Mandarin oranges: high in Vitamin C and lots of antioxidants, great finger food

What are some of your infant's favorite foods? Least favorite?
Any tricks to help get children to eat?

This information came from Baby Center.

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