Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day Projects

Growing up, my mother had us do little activities around the house for the different holidays. Nothing too expensive or messy (usually), but we would use items around the house. Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day activities with your children – many of these can be used for infants as well!
I loved making Valentine’s cards growing up. Every year we would try to be more creative. One of the best is painting your child’s foot, putting it on a piece of paper, and then writing underneath, “I love you from the bottom of my ‘sole'.”
Decorating for holidays is a blast! My parents always did a wonderful job of including me in this. I have tons of little decorations I made from when I was a child. You can draw an outline of your child’s hand on a piece of paper. Then draw a picture of a heart and write “Be Mine” or another cute saying – maybe even let your child come up with the words! Another cute personalized decoration for your house can be homemade hearts. Take a piece of paper and draw a heart with glue. Have your child put glitter, Kool-Aid, cotton balls, rice, shredded paper, or whatever else you think is cute! Your child will love pouring these out and be proud of his creation. After you have finished cleaning up the mess, you can give your child a piece of paper and Valentine stickers. He can create his own Valentine paper! My personal favorite is cutting out a heart or the word “LOVE” and taping it to the table (don't tape on the back). Put a piece of paper on top of the heart and have your child use crayons to color on the piece of paper! They can make it any color they want!