Monday, December 12, 2011

Toddler Time

101 Things to Do With Your Toddler

Counting on Me is an adorable blog with plenty of ideas to keep toddlers busy and learning. Looking for some new ideas? Check out the 101 Things to Do With Your Toddler post! It is a great list of simple, fun ideas. Some are more common than others, but is always helpful to see a list of ideas to keep things fresh.

For example, I love the idea to "plant a flower or vegetable plant together." Kids get to learn how things grow and can also learn responsibility. Grass is always a good choice to use as an example. It grows pretty easily and fast so they can see the results quickly.

For a more unique example, "make a temporary slide out of a table leaf and your couch." How fun is that? Obviously there needs to be adult supervision. But it could be a super fun way to encourage the imagination!

I am a big fan of finger painting. That is my go-to activity with toddlers, so it is great to see all of these new ideas! What are your go-to toddler activities?

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