Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Indoor Activities!

Now that the seasons are changing and playing outside isn't always an option--here are 3 different activities you can do with your kids that helps develop gross motor skills. Plus, they are really fun and will help you and your child grow closer! 
1) Scavenger Hunt 
*Pick several toys or other objects and hide them around your home. You can create a list with drawings or pictures of the objects and help him cross them off. Don't hide things in difficult spots and exercise caution when hiding beloved objects like security blankets or pacifiers. Some toddlers love this and think it's very fun to find them, while others melt down at the mere thought. 
2) Find the Timer
*Hide a ticking kitchen timer set to 5 minutes. He should be able to detect the ticking noise getting louder as he gets closer. You can also indicate closeness by saying closer, farther, or hotter, colder or by increasing or decreasing the frequency of clapping as he approaches the object. 
3) The Up and Down Game
*Let him hold an object (flags are especially fun for this game) and tell him to raise it high if you say a word that is high or hold it low if it's something hta tis low. For example: if you say grass or ant then he would hold his flag low and if you say sky or stars he would hold his flag high in the air. 

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