Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Healthy Lunch Box: Turkey Wrap

This post came from  Super Health Kids. It's a great blog about all things food and getting your kids the nutrients they need! Recipes, meal plans, and proper portions are all cover in this great blog! Check it out!

These amazing turkey wraps are the perfect meal for all of your left over turkey meat from Thanksgiving. The spread, cranberry sauce and cream cheese, help the wrap stay together without having to use any toothpicks. 
*All of the food groups are represented in this lunch so your child will get a well balanced meal. 
Turkey Wrap
Turkey Wrap
* Whole Wheat Wrap
* 1 tablespoon Cranberry Sauce
* 1 tablespoon Cream cheese spread, light
* Turkey
* Zucchini ribbons
* Yellow squash ribbons 
* Avocado 
* Lettuce
* Spinach 
* Tomatoes 
* Orange
1) Combine cranberry sauce and cream cheese in a small bowl. After thoroughly combined, spread on one entire whole wheat tortilla. 
2) Using a vegetable peeler, slice long strips from the zucchini and squash and place in center of tortilla. 
3) Chop avocado, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and turkey, and spread on tortilla. 

Turkey Spread

4) Roll tightly, using the cream cheese spread on the edges to keep sealed. Chill in the fridge until ready to serve. Place on cutting board and cut two inch pieces from the roll. Serve with orange wedges and ENJOY! 

Turkey Wrap

Picky Eater Tip
It isn't necessary to put all the ingredients in this wrap. Let your kids help you make it and have them choose one of the vegetables if they are particularly picky! Leave out the cranberry sauce if they don't like the color. Leave out the zucchini strip if that makes them upset. Let them have ownership over their wrap while giving them a choice. "Do you want yellow squash or green zucchini today?" 

*Recipe found here

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