Monday, October 24, 2011

Spooky? Silly? Serious? Dressing up for Halloween!

There's only one more week until Halloween! Have you done anything to celebrate? To be honest, I haven't even carved (or bought for that matter) a single pumpkin! I think I have been too busy loving this sunny, cool, crisp fall weather we have been having here. It makes me so happy!

I have a few Halloween festivities and parties planned these next few days. Including the our fall family event! Don't forget to stop by if you can. It will be a blast!

With these events coming up, I have been thinking about what to dress up as for Halloween! Thanks to Martha Stewart, I have a few possibilities that I found here. There are also some funny, last-minute ideas found here. Dressing up can be fun and beneficial for the whole family! Did you know that dressing up encourages healthy child development and growth?

Dressing up and fantasy play are part of your child's amazing imagination! And with this comes two great skills:
  • A sense of humor is likely to surface
  • And the ability to show empathy for others will become more apparent
Dr. T. Berry Brazelton says, "The richest source of humor, empathy, and compassion is the child's imagination and all of the rich experiences that her fantasies provide for her." Isn't it fun to know that children learn great lessons from their worlds of make-believe? I say this Halloween, dress you kids up in something they love and let them imaginations get to work!

So, what are your kids being for Halloween? Do you dress them up? Do they pick what they want to be? We'd love to know!

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