Monday, October 17, 2011

Pasta Skeletons!

Martha Stewart's Pasta Skeleton
What is better than a holiday activity that helps your child grow and develop? These pasta skeletons do just that! This is especially great if you have a variety of noodles lying around. If not, some q-tips, dried beans, cereal, or anything else you can think of can probably work (just be mindful of choking on these small objects). Grab some white glue, construction paper, and a fun picture of a skeleton and you are good to go!
What does this activity teach your kids?

First off, they get some fine motor skill practice! Fine motor skills include finger, hand, and wrist movements. It is important to develop these skills because they relate to many physical and mental actions such as getting dressed and feeding oneself. Some great, year-round fine motor skill boosting activities include painting, molding play-do, coloring, and stacking blocks. The more experiences children get, the more they will be able to build on the skills they already have and learn new ones.

Secondly, they get to learn about the human body! Or at least the basics: arms, legs, knees, head, etc. You can get as specific or unspecific as you want!

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