Monday, September 26, 2011

Homemade Paddle Ball

 This homemade version of paddle ball is an easy, inexpensive activity that can be played outdoors when the weather is nice, or indoors when it's too wet or cold outside. This activity gives kids the chance to practice their motor skills by moving around to get to the balloon and hitting it will their paddle. It is also a fun way to learn team work by working together to keep the balloon from hitting the floor!

Supplies needed:
-Balloon (or inflatable ball).
-Paint stir sticks (or over-sized popsicle sticks).
-Paper plates.
-Duct tape, staples and a stapler, and/or glue.

Attach paper plates to paint stir sticks using duct tape, staples, and/or glue (depending on what you have lying around or how secure you want it). Then blow up a balloon (or ball) and enjoy tossing it around with your new, homemade paddles! Check out the video of us playing below:

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