Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School Countdown #12: Immunizations

School supplies and "school ready" minds are not the only things kids need to go back to school!  Utah State law requires students entering kindergarten and 7th grade to receive some immunizations before they start.

    In Utah...                      
                               Kindergartners must have received shots for:
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis AV
Aricella (chickenpox.) 

7th graders must have all the same immunizations, 
but also a Tdap booster.

Learn more about  immunizations by viewing 
this great clip from the Akron's Children Hospital in Ohio!

Make an appointment with your family doctor to receive these immunizations.  If you are uninsuredunderinsured or have Medicaid, you may qualify for discounts on immunizations.  Call the Utah County Health Department Immunization Hotline (801-851-7025) or visit for more information about discounts or other general immunization questions.  

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