Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School Countdown #7: 41st Grade

I awoke just now at 3 a.m. with a subconscious alarm whispering in my ear "Tomorrow is your day to blog for Help Me Grow...." I lay in the pitch black air that surrounds me thinking of what I should share with you.  What words of advice, wisdom, or information should I pass on that I have gained over the years?

and it hit me like a 2 ton brick in the face

"Tell them they are good enough!" came over and over to my quiet mind.  As my children lay asleep, curled up in their beds and my mind is peaceful without the phone ringing, kids quarreling, bills to pay, and people to see...I know that telling you today that YOU as a parent are GOOD ENOUGH is the most important message to share.

{this is how serious I am about this one...}

We are extremely lucky to have a wealth of information at our finger tips.  Tips and tricks for anything can be pulled up on the Internet, and not to degrade good information, heaven knows I couldn't live without it, but isn't it harder than anything as a parent to accept that we are enough? Swallow the fact that we are learning also as we support our children though school and that just like our children, we have the right to struggle sometimes too? 

I just figured as I lay in bed, that I am in the 41st grade.  I have been in this school of life for a long time, and even though I will continue to learn until the day I die, I have gleaned  this piece of truth that I wish to share.

Everyone messes up.

We are here on this planet to do our best, mess up, and keep on going.  When the principal of my kids school mentions on my face book wall "Your Ella came to school today with your husbands socks on..."  What else is there to do than grin and pat myself on the back for having some of his socks clean for her to wear?

When my kids pass me up in Math class and I have no more lessons to teach, other than kick myself and rant that "I should have listened in 8th grade rather than flirt with my "first love",  I just smile and relish in the fact that I must be doing something right because my kids passed me up!


When my kids come home crying after a long day at school and they were teased because they studied the section on plants and their last name is "Moss" and all the kids called them "non vascular" all day, I realize that I have come a long way.  I recall being teased, feeling heart broken and like I would never recover, but guess what?

I did. 

I have gained more knowledge each year I am in the school of life, and I'm better able to teach my children because of the lessons I have learned.  Although the 41st grade makes me sound ancient, I am proud that I have made it this far. My friends, you are good enough.  As your children start school and the circus act of life revs up again juggling homework, friends, lessons and projects remember

*all you can do is your best, and that is enough*

Your children love you and if you are continually depressed because of all the things you feel like you don't do well, they will sense that.  They need you to be strong and happy.  After all, how can we expect them to value themselves even in their shortcomings, if we don't?  Our children our smart and can sense what messages we are sending to them and to ourselves.  Positive self talk is everything.  I truly believe that what we say in our minds, affects all we do and say.

My advice as the school year rolls around, is to practice positive talk.  Tell your kids they are great.  If you tell them they are lazy, they will prove you right.  If you tell them they are smart, they will work their hardest to prove you right.  They same goes for you.

What do you tell yourself when nobody can hear?  Our brains are always talking...mine is anyway
{I hope I'm not alone on this one.... } I believe the same is true with us as parents.  What are you telling yourself?  Remember, you ARE good enough!

Give yourself some slack and enjoy the journey!

By: Me *Janae*
over at Pink Moss

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