Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Countdown #0: Homework Tips by the Utah PIRC

We hope your FIRST DAY of SCHOOL went well!  Did your kids get up on-time after sleeping in all summer?  Did your kids get lucky enough to have all their friends in their class(es)? (...or maybe not so lucky if they talk to much when they are with their friends.)  Did you cry when you had to drop off your kindergartner?  or were you like my friend who cried when she dropped her "little girl" off for her first day of HIGH SCHOOL?  Are you starting to feel old yet?  Leave a comment and tell me how school went!

Well, now that school has started it is time for "Harnessing Homework Hassles!"  The Utah Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC) has provided this helpful check list for "harnessing homework hassles."  

Parent's Homework Check-List
  1. Know your school's homework policy.
  2. Ask your child about their homework, but keep it positive. (SMILE!)
  3. Provide a quiet place.
  4. Review your child's homework often to make sure it is being done correctly.
  5. Make sure there are no interruptions.
  6. Make homework a priority-turn off the TV, don't answer the phone, and read or do something quiet next to your child while they work. (Set an example.)
  7. READ! READ! READ! Read to, or with your child every day.  Take turns reading pages or paragraphs. Have your child pick out the verbs-maybe even act them out to make it fun.
  8. Praise your child often.  Make a big deal of them getting done or even for writing their letters neatly.  Make sure they know you think homework is important.  
Visit the Utah PIRC at www.ufpn.org for more parent information resources and tips.

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