Monday, June 20, 2011

Kindergarten Readiness

You may have asked yourself, how can I help my child get ready for kindergarten? What are they expected to know? Well, the following are skills that help to ease children transition into kindergarten. This list represents the IDEAL- something parents can AIM for.
Reading Readiness
                        -Remembers pictures from a printed page
                        -Repeats a 6 to 8 word sentence.
                        -Pretends to read (has been read to often).
                        -Identifies own first name in writing
                        -Attempts to print own first name
                        -Answers questions about a short story
                        -Looks at pictures and tells a story
                        -Understands words are read left to right
                        -Familiar with the letter of the alphabet
                        -Knows some nursery rhymes
                        -Knows meaning of simple words
                        -Understands day and night
                        -Knows age and birthday
Recognizes Colors & Shapes
                        -Recognizes primary colors
                        -Recognizes triangles, circles squares, and rectangles
                        -Counts to 20
                        -Can count objects
Listening & Sequencing
                        -Follows simple directions
                        -Pays attention
                        -Recognizes common sounds
                        -Retells a simple story in sequence
                        -Repeats a sequences of sounds
                        -Repeats a sequence of numbers heard
Size, Position & Direction
                        -Big and little
                        -Long and short
                        -Up and down
                        -In and out
                        -Front and back
                        -Over and under
                        -Hot and cold
                        -Empty and full
                        -More and less
                        -Fast and slow
                        -Top and bottom
Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
                                                -Walk a straight line
                                                -Alternate feet walking downstairs
                                                -Stand on one foot 10 seconds
                                                -Walk backwards for 5 feet
                                                -Throw a ball
Fine Motor Skills
                                                -Paste pictures on paper
                                                -Clap hands
                                                -Builds with blocks
                                                -Completes simple 5 piece puzzle
                                                -Draw or color beyond a simple scribble
                                                -Zip clothes
                                                -Control pencil and crayon well
-                                               -Handle scissors
                                                -Cut and draw simple shapes
                        -Express self verbally
                        -Looks forward to going to school
                        -Recognizes authority
                        -Shares with others
                        -Helps with family chores
                        -Works independently
-                       -Identifies other children by name
                        -Can take care of toileting needs independently
                        -Cares for own belongings
-Dresses self
-Brushes teeth
-Can be away from parents 2 to 3 hours
-Joins in family conversation
-Carries a plate of food
-Maintains self-control
-Gets along well with others
-Talks easily
-Meets visitors without shyness
-Puts toys away
My Child Knows…
                        -Body parts
                        -Own first name
                        -Own last name
                        -Parents/Guardians’ Names
                        Home address
                        -Home phone number
                        -When to use a tissue
                        -Own sex

The list was compiled by researchers for World Book, Inc., on the basis of a survey of 4,500 kindergarten teachers. Share any comments!

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