Monday, March 14, 2011

Potty Training

As a mother of 2.5 year old, I've been contemplating potty training for some time, though I haven't really begun because this is something I would like to do with her when I will be home with her all day, and not gone for half of it as I am now.  I've been researching different methods, and I've come to the conclusion that overall, you want this time of vulnerability to end not only successfully, but positively as well.  For myself, I'm inclined to follow the method outlined in the Touchpoints books, written by T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.  (These are fantastic books to read in and of themselves.)  Dr. Brazelton advises parents to allow children to "toilet learn" on their own time and terms, thus increasing the odds of success, and coming out of the experience on positive terms with your child.

What did you do with your kids while they potty trained? Do you remember how you were potty trained?  What would you do the same or differently?

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