Monday, December 6, 2010


We all deal with stress in our lives, including our babies. They are not as able as we are though to verbally communicate that they are currently experiencing stress, so below is some tips of how to recognize the signs.

Stressed signs you may observe when your baby is upset:

Your baby may be crying or scowling.
May gag, gasp, or pause in her breathing.
You may see her hiccough more, spit up or vomit. Watch for little tremors, startles or twitches.
Instead of watching you she may turn her head away.
The skin may become pale, dusky, or mottled.
Instead of happy sounds you will hear crying, groaning, or some kind of protest sounds.
You may want to use a chart or outline and write down what you observe.
It is important to take time to observe your baby and learn how she reacts at different times throughout the day. This will help you understand her better and also enjoy her more.

Remember, a happy baby usually means a happy mommy too!

This has been adapted from the Welcome Baby Handout.

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