Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Blues

Bringing a new baby home is supposed to be one of the most wonderful and happy time of a woman’s life. At least that’s what we are told to believe. While it is a miracle to have brought this little bundle of joy into the world, it isn’t as wonderful as it’s made out to be. Between the lack of sleep, the constant feedings, diaper changes, burping, not to mention the fact that you are body is still trying to heal from everything it went through. Add to that the hormones going completely out of control. Your life has changed a lot in just a few weeks. Your baby is not sleeping and you are not getting the rest that you are used to. Your energy is not what it used to be either. Try and rest when your baby rests. You may be tempted to hurry and get other things done, but sleep and your health are very important. Ask your family and friends to help with the baby or help around the house. If someone offers to help, take advantage of their offer. Talk about how you are feeling. Cry if you feel like crying. Fathers often feel overwhelmed also. A baby is an adjustment for everyone. However, if these feeling or “blues” last more than six weeks, be sure to tell your medical provider.

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