Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to create a texture board for your child

Everything in the world can be described by using our sense of touch. We describe the physical characteristics of things from their textures. Teaching your child about different textures allows them to make use of their observation skills. Knowing the different textures will also improve their ability to use descriptive and expressive vocabulary. You can teach your child such descriptive words like smooth, rough, bumpy, etc.

Here is an awesome way of making an inexpensive texture board for your child:
Build a texture board
Materials: Glue, scissors, construction paper, cotton balls, aluminum foil, sandpaper, dried leaves. etc
Description: Paste these materials, along with others that have a distinctive texture, onto construction paper. Have your child feel these items and then search the house for items that have the same characteristics.

(Note: you can also create a texture quilt instead of a board)

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