Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Water Bottle Rattle

Baby toys do not have to be expensive!  In fact, some of the best toys come from regular household items you already have around the house.  Don't feel like you have to spend a lot of money on toys.  Here is one idea for a cheap child toy: the water bottle rattle!

What you need:
  • One empty water bottle
  • Your choice of beans, dry noodles, rice, pop corn seeds, any type of beads, bells to create noise
  • Your choice of strips of fabrics, cotton balls, ribbon, etc. to make it more colorful
  • Duct tape, hot glue or some way of securing the bottle well
What to do:
  • Make sure the water bottle is completely dry inside
  • Place "noise maker" items and "colorful items" inside the water bottle
  • Replace the lid and duct tape the lid to make sure it does not come off
  • If you wish, decorate the outside of the bottle however you wish.  This can be a fun activity for your toddler
  • Enjoy watching your baby play!
If you don't use glue to secure to bottle, you can change up the items in the bottle to give your child different things to look at and have the bottle make different sounds.

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What are some other toys you have made with household items?  Maybe we will do a post about one of your ideas!

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