Friday, August 6, 2010

Kindergarten--Tips for a Successful Beginning

Here are some great tips for helping your child start kindergarten:
  1.  Find out whether your school has a kindergarten orientation, or make an appointment to visit the school and teacher before the first day of school.
  2. Talk with your child about some of the fun things that will happen at school, such as meeting new friends, listening to stories, and playing outside.
  3. Begin a healthy routine by making sure that your child sleeps at least 10-12 hours and eats a nutritious breakfast.
  4. Have your child tell you the plan for after school--exactly where to be picked up or which bus to take.
  5. Label all outerwear.
  6. Dress your child in clothes that can be put on and taken off independently, such as elastic-waist pants and shoes with Velcro closures.
  7. Dress your child in clothing that is appropriate for sitting on carpets and outdoor play. 
  8. Pack a "reassurance"--such as a family picture, a small stuffed animal, or a note from home--in your child's backpack.
  9. Don't over-schedule after-school activities; your child will likely be tired.
  10. Check your child's backpack after school. There may be several forms for you to fill out and return.
  11. Celebrate the end of the first day.
  12. Begin your after-school routine, which may include a snack, playtime, and quiet book time.
  13. Ask your child specific questions about the day, such as: "Who did you play with? What was today's story about? Where did you play? What did you make?"
    Information taken from the pamphlet "Kindergarten. . .Here We Come!"
    Utah State Office of Education and Department of Workforce Services

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