Monday, August 16, 2010

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is the way in which your child manages his thinking, and talent to create sense of the world and what is occurring around him.
At Birth
Newborn babies are already energetically using all their senses to investigate their new surroundings. When not sleeping, he is attentive and already learning to deal successfully with a big area of new facts.

  • Starts to develop general ideas.
  • Investigates using his senses and using his own action activity.
  • Makes eye communication and cries to point out need.
Aiding His Cognitive Development You can aid your baby's intellectual development through play. New born babies answer to things that they see, hear and feel.
Play might include the following... 
  • Pulling Faces--Attempt by sticking out your tongue and opening your mouth wider so that he may copy you.
  • Displaying Objects--Try to display objects to him such as brightly coloured woolly pompoms, balloons, shiny objects and black and white patterns. Hold the object straight in front of his face and give him time to focus on it and gradually positioning it.

Increasing His Cognitive Development

  • Make enough physical contact and maintain eye contact with him at all times.
  • Exploit lively, different colours in furnishings around the home.
  • Present him to unusual household noises.
For more information visit The Child Development Guide

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